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Who is Your Lord? Lesson 1 

Born Again and Again Lesson 2

Discipleship and it's Cost Lesson 3

Love That's Only Skin Deep Lesson 4

Submission Total and Complete Lesson 5

Seperation From the World /Sinners Lesson 6

Sins of the mouth ~Slander, Blasphemy, Gossip Lesson 7

Recognizing Unforgiveness in you Life Lesson 8  


Angels to the Rescue 

Faith, where does it come from?   

He Takes Away the Sin of the World

Mountains of Doubt or Faith to Move Mountains?

Sword of the Lord

Trials of faith and the Bad Report

Unanswered Prayers



Can you lose your Salvation?

Deception by Signs and Wonders

Does God Love Everybody?

God and Country? Who do you Pledge your Allegiance to?

Rapture - God's people delivered before the Tribulation?

Rapture - What is the Timing?

Sinner saved by grace?

The Two Most Dangerous Doctrines for the End Times

Trinity, Oneness or Something else?

Wolves Have Crept in Dividing the Flock!



Doctors vs. God for Healing

Does Jesus still heal?



Born Again and again and again...

Commands of Jesus

Discipleship and its Cost

Do We Fight Against the Coming Evil During the Great Tribulation?

Life - An Eternal Perspective

Love That's Only Skin Deep 

Money, Our Biggest Test in Life

Separation from the World / Sinners

Storing up for the future

Submission, Total and Complete 

We are all sponges

Who is it That's Really Going to Heaven?



Part 1 - The Godhead

Part 2 - Jesus in the Old Testament

Part 3 - Satan in God's Plan

Part 4 - Sons of God

Part 5 - Predestination in God's Plan



Entering Heaven on Earth

Free Will or No Free Will? That is the Question!

Predestination, Election and Free Will in God’s Plan

Truth in the Scriptures


Sacrifice of Praise